Hungover Climber Gets Stuck. Something Else Comes Loose.

The title speaks for itself. A lot of bonus Canadian soreys thrown in to make this one of the funniest videos I've watched in a while.

By: WayGroovy | Jan 22nd, 2014 (9:04 PM) | Thanks: labyayy

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The Truth Behind KFC's Chicken Sourcing

"do someone whant flamed chicken" cries one of the many members of the public, outraged over the revelation.

By: calvinhobbes | Jan 22nd, 2014 (3:29 PM)

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I Didn't Find a Category for This.

Flavor your Soul Patch hipster.

By: WayGroovy | Jan 21st, 2014 (8:52 PM) | Thanks: JaiDubs

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How to Knock Off a Saddleback Leather Bag.

Are you looking for a shortcut to success? Watch this "How To" video and learn all of the shortcuts and tricks others already use to bypass quality. And you too can make loads of money knocking off our Saddleback Leather Briefcases. Riches untold!!!

By: WayGroovy | Jan 21st, 2014 (8:35 PM) | Thanks: Maqroll

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Legend of Zelda (Chipophone)

This guy built this piano to play nintendo sounds and then plays video game music with it.

By: WayGroovy | Jan 21st, 2014 (8:26 PM) | Thanks: JDH annan

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What Does the Naked Mole Rat Say?

"Animals are cool" - zed

Come on, zed. Give me something to work with.

By: Admins | Jan 21st, 2014 (4:06 PM) | Thanks: Zed

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Uncle Scoopy's Top 25 Nude Scenes of 2013.

"The most salient feature of the 2013 list is that almost none of the best nude scenes were in theatrical films. Rosario Dawson did take the top spot for her daring performance in Trance, but that and Riddick were essentially the only top movies on the entire list. The rest of the scenes came from cable shows, a mini-series, an art project, a music video, and a bunch of non-theatrical and/or sub-6.5 movies."

By: WayGroovy | Jan 21st, 2014 (3:52 PM) | 18+ | Thanks: littlesam

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Incredible Green Screen Work. Acrophobia Trigger.

Crazy Russian kids doing crazy things that could result in death. Do not try at home.

By: WayGroovy | Jan 21st, 2014 (3:48 PM) | Thanks: CeeBee

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I C Weiner

2013-2014 Season Snowboarding recap. Just crazy stuff. Big Air is at the end.

By: WayGroovy | Jan 21st, 2014 (3:45 PM) | Thanks: object

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Shooters on the Pot? Not in my Tee Vee.

Nancy Grace makes several strong, well thought out, arguments against repealing the prohibition of marijuana.

By: Admins | Jan 21st, 2014 (1:36 PM) | 18+ | Thanks: ab0minu5

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Philosophy for a Happy Life, Sam Berns [1996 – 2014]

"amazing video. he hits the nail on the head."

By: WayGroovy | Jan 16th, 2014 (11:04 PM) | Thanks: Zed

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A Scanner, Dorkily

A photographers amazing custom scanning Greg allows him to take awesome photos of subway trains.

By: WayGroovy | Jan 16th, 2014 (11:01 PM) | Thanks: arothman

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Review article on 'Lomography Konstruktor', a $35 SLR camera you build yourself.

By: WayGroovy | Jan 16th, 2014 (11:01 PM) | Thanks: E2theB

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Nekid Rush

Here's something off the beaten path. Last September, photographer Lance Hardy posted to his blog "Love Me Some Rush", a series of photographs where Rush album art is projected onto nude models.

By: WayGroovy | Jan 16th, 2014 (1:06 PM) | 18+ | Thanks: Yyz

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Firestarter Minus Firestarter

For those of you having trouble staying awake for the rest of your life. Here's the solution. Prodigy's "Firestarter" video without the music.

By: WayGroovy | Jan 16th, 2014 (1:05 PM) | Thanks: razor

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Your Kung Isn't the Only Thing That's Fury

Kung Fury is an over-the-top action comedy that has it's foundation in 80s cop movies.

By: WayGroovy | Jan 15th, 2014 (1:43 PM) | Thanks: shadowdragn

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The Scale of the Universe 2

"What does the universe look like on small scales? On large scales? Humanity is discovering that the universe is a very different place on every proportion that has been explored."

By: WayGroovy | Jan 15th, 2014 (1:21 PM) | Thanks: Maqroll

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30 Minutes of Stop Motion

Takahide Hori spent four years making the 30-minute, stop-motion horror film Junk Head 1. It follows a human sent underground to investigate a world filled with freakish people and vicious monsters. [editors note, i didn't watch the whole thing, my eyes hurt.]

By: WayGroovy | Jan 12th, 2014 (11:19 PM) | Thanks: JT WOOD

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German Designed Cat Furniture

For the 1% cats.

By: WayGroovy | Jan 12th, 2014 (4:18 PM) | Thanks: the hypnotoad

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Great Balls of Fire

A collection of videos showing what happens when you heat a ball of nickle and place it on/in various things. Strangely entertaining.

By: WayGroovy | Jan 12th, 2014 (11:03 AM) | Thanks: E2theB

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Your Favorite Fairy Tales Gone Horribly Awesomely Wrong!!

"These illustrations of popular characters are just that, badass. My favourites are Ducktails and Tin Tin." Traverses and IdentityOne submitted these seconds apart.

By: WayGroovy | Jan 12th, 2014 (8:45 AM) | Thanks: traverses

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A Short Film Created as a Palindrome.

This film has been written symmetrically: the second half is strictly like the first, but played backwards and mirrored. The second part doesn't act like a simple rewinding, but as the following of the first. It explores all sorts of symmetry: compositions, shapes, sounds and music, scenario, colors, actions, time...

By: WayGroovy | Jan 11th, 2014 (10:59 PM) | Thanks: JT WOOD

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The clock shares his wisdom. It goes off the rails at about 2:10.

By: calvinhobbes | Jan 10th, 2014 (8:53 PM)

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Master of his Domain

George Yao was the top ranked player of Clash of Clans for 6 months. "At one point, he was bringing five iPads into the shower with him, each wrapped in a plastic bag" to accomplish this.

By: Admins | Jan 9th, 2014 (11:55 PM) | Thanks: Maqroll

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Blind Announcing

Kenny Mayne's nephew has always wanted to be a sports announcer. The problem is he's blind.

By: effeminateSWANK | Jan 9th, 2014 (5:54 PM)

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Touristic Webcams Worldwide

Discover 29,525 webcams showing up-to-date images from landscapes all over the world. Travel around the globe and gain easily insight into worlds places by watching these webcams.

By: WayGroovy | Jan 9th, 2014 (5:44 PM) | Thanks: JaiDubs

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Wg -> tinychat: I need front page content. I don't care how bad. Ab0m -> WG: Here There it is. Go submit content to the queue.

By: Admins | Jan 9th, 2014 (4:01 PM) | Thanks: ab0minu5

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Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun.

Q & A & Pics of a man with two dicks.

By: Admins | Jan 7th, 2014 (1:31 PM) | 18+ | Thanks: WayGroovy

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DJ Earworm - United state of pop 2013

"A mashup of the 25 biggest hits during 2013 in the U.S." I can't find his older mashup compilations on his channel though. I rather liked 2009's version.

By: WayGroovy | Jan 3rd, 2014 (7:21 PM) | Thanks: the hypnotoad

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No Game New Year Resolution

"I kinda like the idea. I have dozens of games that I haven't even started to play but purchased them because they were on sale. The only amendment I would make would be to allow Games for Gold or other free game giveaways. If it's free, it's basically like a gift, right? I'm not sure if DLC counts as a 'new' game or not. Thoughts?"

By: WayGroovy | Jan 3rd, 2014 (9:32 AM) | Thanks: E2theB

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