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The birth of the Swan

An electric guitar played by its Swedish inventor. \m/

By: WayGroovy | Feb 7th, 2014 (9:54 PM) | Thanks: phapster

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Royally Creepy

Ever wonder what a Stephen King musical might look like? Check out this cover from Puddles Pity Party. I dig it.

By: Snc | Feb 7th, 2014 (9:27 AM)

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Roses are red, my balls are blue. Poetry is hard, and my dick is too

Real Pornhub comments. For that special someone on Valentines Day.

By: WayGroovy | Feb 6th, 2014 (3:10 AM) | 18+ | Thanks: JaiDubs

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Future home of the slorum?

So you want to be a criminal? This Tiny House in Wyoming Is Home to Thousands of Shell Companies

By: WayGroovy | Feb 4th, 2014 (3:49 PM) | Thanks: traverses

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Skipping school has never been more srs bsn

Grab your friends and head out to the sun. The free and the young.

By: WayGroovy | Jan 30th, 2014 (9:43 AM) | 18+ | Thanks: zelgadis

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Denham Psycho

It's an ad for a jeanmaker but it's pretty much how I think all hipsters think and would act if they could.

By: WayGroovy | Jan 23rd, 2014 (10:21 PM) | 18+ | Thanks: razor

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The clock shares his wisdom. It goes off the rails at about 2:10.

By: calvinhobbes | Jan 10th, 2014 (8:53 PM)

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