Discussions of illegal activities are not welcome here, in public posts or direct messages. Please remember applicable laws for the United States Federal Government and the State of Oklahoma apply.

You MUST BE 18 TO PLAY HERE!!! If it is found that you are not 18 your account will be suspended until you become of legal age. There is no discussion on that point whatsoever.

[NSFW] or Red links  are always NOT SAFE FOR WORK , and quite often not safe for anyone. Do not hotlink   to IMGUR for porn. Please start NSFW specific threads with [NSFW].

There are things around here that will get you banned or suspended. Some of these are posting goatse, tubgirl, feces or other highly disgusting things, although eels are ok...go figure.

  Extreme gore is not allowable but when in doubt ALWAYS use the NSFW tag.

  No beastiality. why does that even have to be put in writing.

  If you don't know if someone in a suggestive pic is 18 or not, do not post the picture.

  Do not post the 1 guy 1 jar video. There is no PLEASE about it.

We encourage most name calling and diverse opinions of each others everything, except for this: Never ever make fun of a fazers child or spouse. Trashing their Mom is ok though. Personal attacks are taken seriously and may be removed. There is a lot of witty banter and calling out around here, but it goes only so far. Be prepared to take some hazing.

  Hate Speech  is not allowed. PLEASE read the Terms of Service for more clarification. Hate speech will be removed, at moderator and administrator discretion.

  NEVER threaten another fazer or their family with physical harm.

  Do not abuse or  the Slorum software or hardware (aka hacking).

  Do not "troll" the public areas on the site used for discussion, including but not limited to threads and messages intended to obtain a negative response, insult, demean or otherwise disrespect another person, question site policy in an attempt to discount its validity, push the limits of site policy in an attempt to remain as disruptive as possible under the shield of acting within policy, make any attempt to affect the normal flow of dialogue, act in a manner that negatively affects other users' ability to engage in real-time exchanges, or otherwise act in any manner which is deemed by site administration to be harmful to the integrity of the community.

If you have any questions, want to report harassment, or just want to say hello, feel free to email or pm the Admins or send an email to Slorum-Mods at (Moderators) or Slorum at (Admins).


HOST YOUR OWN PICTURES! Do not hotlink and suck another websites bandwidth. Linking to other image site pages is okay.

Logic and reason are not taken into consideration here. There will be times when they do fall into place, but mostly its a wild west land with a handful of sheriffs who try their best to make sure things run smoothly.

If you or another member are having severe problems and just need to talk to someone, we recommend , calling your national crisis hotline , or call emergency services [911 in the United States].

Don't make me call or email your parents or family. I might.

Also please remember

its the internet

nothing is private.

Here is some advice from the masses. Gotta understand, the typical Fazer is:

1) Calm and Analytical on any info processed. Dubious of any situation presented to them.

2) Prone to like someone who also is calm when they present their story (i.e. we get spooked easily)

3) ???

4) Profit!